Hustletics Mini Fitness Challenge

Hustletics Mini Fitness Challenge


APRIL 13 - 15, 2020

Challenge : 30 seconds max effort squats

Prize : A pair of leggings

How to participate:
  1. Take a video of you doing as many squats as possible for 30 secs with a  visible timer in frame.
  2. Your squats should be at least parallel or below your hips.
  3. Please make sure your video is clear and your timer visible for us to count your reps.
  4. Upload an IG story/post and DM us your video + score. (Don't forget to mention us in your post)
  5. At the end of the challenge, participant with the most squats will win a pair of Hustletics Leggings.
  6. Don’t forget to follow our Instagram!
Things you need:
• A timer. (we personally love using the WETIME -Fitness video timer app as a timer)
Q : How to perform a squat?
A : Please refer
Q : What if there's a tie?
A : We will do a random internet raffle.
Q : Am I only allowed to submit once?
A : No. At the end of the day we will post an IG story of the top 3 winners. You may attempt to beat their scores.
Q : I don't know how to insert a timer in frame.
A : The easiest is to download  WETIME  or place your phone/tablet with the timer set to 30 secs near your camera.
*Hustletics reserves the right to accept/decline submissions


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